How to Exchange Your Week

Once you have gained access to the owner portal, you can quickly and easily use our online system to exchange your week for another.
When you log into the website, you will see your upcoming reservation on the dashboard of the owner portal. Click on your reservation to be taken into your reservation management options.
When you are taken to your reservation management screen, simply click the “Exchange or Upgrade” button to start the exchange process. If you have an existing balance on your account you will be prompted to pay your balance before an exchange can take place.
When you click “Exchange or Upgrade” you will be brought to the owner exchange search form. Here you can search availability. Simply choose the week and unit you would like and click the search button.
When you search you will see all available units for that week and what the exchange fee will be. Select the unit you would like to stay and click the Exchange button
When you click the Exchange button it will place the exchange in your cart for you to check out and update your stay.